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    Hey all, after some advice!
    I have very fair skin and in December I got badly sun burnt on my back. Not my whole back as I was wearing a dress and put sunblock on my shoulders and as far down as I could reach. It was nasty and peeled a few layers off. Anyway, I still (5 months later!) have a tan mark from it. It is fairly obvious, at least to me, as it is only a certain section of my back. Any hints on how to remove/fade it?
    Suggestions I’ve gotten is to cover it with spray tan, but I’m not doing that as I look stupid with spray tan and like my natural colour. Or someone said I could go to the solarium and tan my whole back and hopefully it would all fade off together. Not too keen on solariums as I try to be sun-safe, but would do it if it would work? Any other ideas?


    Hey Bec,
    I have tan marks from over a year ago still from when I really badly burnt my legs and I was wearing shorts, haha! And then in January this year I got badly burnt and still have the shoulder straps from where my swimsuit was. We sound the same, I’m also very fair and burn very easily, and when I burn to a crisp where I’m stiff for a week or so and then it peels very badly and I have a permanent tan mark.
    I’m not sure about spray tans or solariums, I stay away from them because I’m so fair and I don’t know if they’ll work. If I want to tan I use one that I rub on myself, I was recommended it by my beautician. I bought it from Amcal, it’s in a white bottle and called ‘Sun’ something. When I find my bottle I’ll tell you the definite name, but I’ve used it before and it’s great. Although it takes a couple days, I rub it in and wear it for the day around the house then have a shower before I go to bed to wash off the excess then repeat the process the next day. It turns out to be a really even and natural tan. Of course, always exfoliate before you start tanning otherwise you might get patches where dead skin comes off.



    Thanks Emerald Bride! Your burning experience sounds just like mine! I would really prefer to get rid of the tan rather than cover it up, but if it’s still there closer to the wedding I will try that. Let me know the name of it. I’m just hoping it will go before the wedding, which isn’t until January, but I’ve had marks like this last for years in the past!


    Hey Bec, it’s called ‘Summer Tan’ with the sub-heading ‘light self action tan with walnut oil and aloe vera’. It’s a white bottle with brown writing, not images or anything, pretty plain. I bought it from Amcal and have seen it in other Amcal’s especially during the summer. Regarding the tan lines, I’m not sure if they’ll fade or go away, but I would start doing regular exfoliating and moisturising (if you don’t already) and see if you can scrub it away over a couple months. Otherwise I would talk to your waxing beautician and see what she says. I can’t tell you if it’s worked or not, I haven’t tried getting rid of mine because it was nice not to be so pale! Although I did have a little trouble wearing a strapless top to a wedding and to photos in the last two months. I had to cover the straps with make-up so they weren’t as visible.
    P.S. A few girls from here have created a Facebook page. Only available to us Knotties, it’s not a public page so you can still speak in confidence and we’ve become good friends. If you’re interested, here’s the link. Otherwise, I’ll chat to you in other forums.

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