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    I have just gotten engaged and have been overwhelmed by the cost of sydney and southern highlands venues…we have no more than 100pp budget for reception and ideally want a manicured garden look for ceremony with bright open reception room/patio/marquee/space. 
    I feel like I’ve been searching for days and getting nowhere…any local hidden gems that you can recommend?



    Have you considered using a national park? They usually charge a fee (they call it a donation) of around $500 to have a ceremony there and some will even provide chairs and setup in the fee. Some parks may have permits that allow you to serve food and drinks there through a catering company or after the ceremony you could go to a nice restaurant for the reception. Another place to look is heritage listed buildings or parks that are still owned by the government, their fees are usually reasonable and some allow you to set up marques and have caters. 
    If you look up the national parks or heritage listed buildings websites you’ll be able to find out more about if there’s any in the area your looking it :-)


    Hi exclammation,
    Have you had a chance to look at Waterview in Homebush? I got married there in 2012 and only paid $85 p.p. which included:
    – The venue
    – 3 courses set alternate menu with unlimited beverage
    – Dj provided
    – Getaway car provided
    – One night at the honeymoon suite in Pary Hyatt in Circular Quay
    – a voucher for 1 tier of our wedding cake
    – MC
    and an awesome wedding coordinator that worked with us to make sure everything was organised and ran smoothly on the day.
    It is located at Bi-Centernnial Park and we got our photos taken at the Arc of Pines which looked beautiful in our photos and theres also a lake for waterview shots. You can also have your ceremony at the park, but theres a bond you have to pay to the council.
    Our wedding was during the day on a Saturday in spring, which was why we got the whole package for $85. Worth a look, I have never worked with such great and friendly vendors and an awesome venue!


    Thanks for the tip guys ill check them out for sure. We are trying to keep ceremony and reception costs under $10,000 for 80people. We are trying to be ruthless with our guest list but so hard! 



    Hi exclammation,
    I’m getting married at Montrose Berry Farm in Suttons Forest. It’s a lovely venue, with lots of trees and a renovated barn :) It’s $5000 for venue hire, and then you can choose one of their preferred caterers, or choose your own. I’m hoping to have less than 70 people, as a lot of my family are interstate/overseas.
    Good luck!! :)


    Hi ms noir. I did see Montrose but we just can’t afford it. Desperately trying to stick to our budget of $15k for he. Whole thing. So $5000 before feeding anyone or decorating is a bit steep for us. It does look gorgeous though. 



    Have you tried to look at Eschol Park House? It is a bit far but I think they have a good deal
    Good luck


    We looked at Sylvan Glen yesterday and fell in love. Now just have to figure out if and how to afford it!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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