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    Hi All, 
    I haven’t written on here for a while, as planning is coming along fantastically. I did have one question though, are any of you ladies out there arguing with your mother?? I’m 3 and a half months out from my wedding and find myself and my mum getting upset with each other. We have both had things in our life lately that have caused some stress, so it could be stress related but I wanted to know if I’m not the only one? My mum has been very helpful and all and I feel terrible arguing with her. Can you let please tell me I’m not alone and it’s normal??? 
    Thansk so much! 



    You have a lot of stress , what with wedding planning, family drama and just life in general. You’re both stressed and anxious, and some of that stress is coming out in the form of fighting over the little things. It sounds silly, but honestly, the best thing you can do is sit down with her, discuss how it is making you feel and lay it all out on the table.
    Communication is hugely important in any relationship, you both probably need to talk a bit more about how you feel and have a third party to vent to like a friend or psychologist (there’s no shame in seeking professional help).



    Yep! My mum had heaps of input into my sisters wedding (oct 2013) because she doesn’t have friends and wanted cheaper diy, but didn’t have the skills, so mum did the works! I however, have amazing friends (both in and out of the bridal party) and I am very craft and I don’t really need her help with anything. It’s making her feel left out because she was expecting the same level of input and isn’t getting it, but I just don’t need her for it (eg. I wanted my 2 best friends to go dress shopping with me, not her. I’ve bought my dress without her seeing it and I want her to be surprised on the day, but her nose is out of joint.) 
    Ggod luck with it! Let me know any tips if you work any out!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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