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    Mrs. Bum

    Hi All,
    I have decided to book an MC for my wedding on the Central Coast NSW. I only need anMC service as I already have a family friend who is a professional DJ and offered to be the DJ for our wedding. He is a brilliant DJ, but I’m not sure if he is up to the job of MC-ing as well and I don’t think he has experience as an MC and it is such an important role – I think hiring a professional is essential.
    I have been gathering quotes ranging from $450-$600 for 5 hours – I didn’t realise they were so expensive!!
    Does anyone know if that is standard pricing for a professional MC or am I being over-quoted?
    Mrs. Bum


    Tracy Tam

    Hi Mrs Bum,
    The price that you got is considered a good price for MC. Some professional MCs charge alot more say about $800-$1500 for a night (5 hours).
    You may find MCs that charge less than $450 but I would think twice about there experience.
    Hope that helps.
    Magician Trace
    Trace of Magic


    Mrs. Bum

    That’s Fantastic Tracy Tam – Thank you!
    The person I am considering is very experienced so for $400.00 I will book him in ASAP. 
    Thanks so much for your advice and best of luck with your wedding planning!!
    Mrs. Bum

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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