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    Hi there & congratulations on all you future brides (& grooms) out there!
    I was hoping to get your advice in regards to the reception speeches. We are having a destination wedding (thailand) and are paying for everything ourselves. We have also decided on no bridal party. We shouldnt have more than 30 guests in total so it will be quite an intimate affair.
    We would love to incorporate some speeches into the reception but who do we ask? Obviously we will say a little thank you to all our guests for travelling to spend our special day with us but would it be weird for my dad to do a speech seen as he hasnt contributed to the wedding costs? Would we maybe just get both sets of parents to say a few words? Open mic maybe?
    Thanks for your help!



    Usually, you will see the bride’s father and the groom’s father give a bit of a speech. Then again, all of the weddings that I have been to that have done this have had the parents contribute to the costs in some way.


    It would also be better if you have them informed maybe a day or two before the wedding so that they could at least prepare and not caught off guard. A speech from each of your bestfriends could spice up the night a bit as well like some funny revelations about you and your future husband. :)



    Generally, the bride and groom’s fathers will give a bit of a speech. Often, they will talk about their daughter/son growing up and how they feel about the relationship (but only if it’s positive) and will offer their congratulations and luck for the future.
    If you want to ask your dad to do a speech, go for it!



    It shouldn’t matter if they contributed financially, it should really be about how strong your relationship is with each person and how much it would mean to you for them to speak publicly at your wedding.
    If you’re really close with your parents, you could choose them, or a sibling, or best friend, or even work friend. It depends on what you feel they will say, if you are close, and if they have a lot of meaning for your or your relationship with your partner.
    Try to be considerate to speech givers as well by appointing someone to MC/announce speakers, and ensuring that your speakers aren’t prone to stage-fright or unprepared (you can go through speech writing with them if they need help).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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