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    Hey knotties! I’m in the early planning stages of the big day! Pinterest is like my bible, there are so many brilliant ideas on there! One that keeps popping up is having no seating plan and just allowing the guests to choose where they wanna sit! We are having a smaller wedding on one of the Whitsunday Islands, and are having just one long table so guests aren’t segregated! 
    Anyone done this on their day? Did it work? What sort of atmosphere did it create? We wanna go for a really relaxed, laid back vibe, and think the no seating plan along with the one long table may help with this! Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! Xx



    I think (might be wrong) that most of those signs are at the ceremony. Traditionally the bride’s side sit on one side and the groom’s on the other. That’s a bit stuffy and makes it very obvious if one side is bigger.
    For the reception its up to you, really. But I have had experiences at staff functions or whatever with long tables of sometimes not being able to sit where I want to because I didn’t get there quickly enough or counted seats wrong or something. I would prefer a place card and for you to pick where I sit so I am next to people I can talk easily with, but that’s just me.



    Ahhhh yes I think you are right as that makes sense! It would work so well at the ceremony! 
    I suppose it would work for the reception but there would be that panic for the guests of quick get a seat! And there would be the worry of someone having to sit next to someone they maybe don’t get on with as all the other seats where taken! Thanks for you advice, think I may have had a blonde moment, whoops :) 



    Hi Tinkybell,
    There is some movement towards people having no seating plan for the reception instead of just the ceremony.
    It depends on your wedding guests and size, I suppose. If you are having a small wedding and most people know each other, then it shouldn’t be an issue to not have formalised seating arrangements, everyone will figure it out like when going out for a large group dinner.
    If there is some awkwardness between friends / family or someone doesn’t know very many people then it might be better to have place cards to keep certain people together or apart.



    Thanks for the advice kittikats :) 



    We had individual tables but no set place cards, and it worked wonderfully. I have also attended weddings with the same set up and really preferred it, saves the sly place card swap that happens at every wedding. People swap amoungst themselves anyway, and its makes for less work and expense for you. Its a WIN/WIN! With the one long table I think this would only work better, and set a really intimate and romantic vibe? If you did have anyone special like parents or bridal party that you wanted to sit somewhere more specific, you could use just use a couple of reserved signs on the chairs or something?

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