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    Hey there, just wondering I could seek some advice from other women who have been through the process before. 
    If the staff of a bridal store are rude to you before you even met them, would you cancel the fitting appointment you have with the store, even if they were almost the only store in the state that carried the line of dresses you are wanting to look at the most? 
    I have had a couple of sales consultants from each store that I have fittings at on Saturday come off as very rude and/or dismissive towards me via email and on the phone, but they carry the Maggie Sottero/Sottero and Midgeley/Essence of Australia lines of dresses I have been seeking since I got engaged. I’m easily self conscious and I don’t want to spend time in a store I am worried will belittle me in front of my bridal party, so I am considering cancelling the booking but don’t want to miss the chance to look at the dresses. 
    Thanks so much. 


    Hi Courtney!! I think in this instance, since you are in love with the dress, that maybe it’s worth going if you can’t find it elsewhere. That doesn’t mean you have to have to recommend them to anyone or give them a good review. In fact, going there specifically to see if they are rude in person as well as on the phone would be good for you to then review their customer service later on so other brides now what to expect.
    Maybe take someone close to you who easily ignores rude comments with you, so if they are rude of snobby then you have some support and someone who will just brush it off and tell you not to listen to them.
    Good luck hun!



    There are literally thousands of designs and variations, so it really isn’t worth putting up with a sales representative that treats you badly or with disrespect. You can also look into dupes of the designer, or a custom-made dress that uses elements you love, and there are loads of companies, designers and Etsy-ers that can provide this service. Basically, if you don’t invest in bad businesses, they won’t survive, and in the end we’re all better off without them.
    Essence of Australia I have actually seen online, so it may be worth just having a quick fitting (as different dresses and designers may fit differently) and then just making your purchase online and getting the tailoring done locally. Some websites will also offer custom measurements (though it is always worth doing a final fitting before the big day).
    I’ve dealt with some nasty vendors so I certainly know what it’s like to feel self-concious, plus I am a plus-size bride and finding a place that can do fittings comfortably is a challenge, don’t settle for an environment that makes you uncomfortable. Dress fitting is an intimate process, especially for your wedding, you want to feel good about yourself, your decision and empowered to say something if they’re pushing you to buy something you don’t want.

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