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    Hi everyone,
    So i have chosen the dress and it has no back (which I LOVE!!) Only problem is that I have had a bit of bacne lately that isnt going away. I haven’t changed washing powders or soap. Does anyone have any product suggestions to clear up my back?


    Ethan Max

    You should immediately contact some skin specialist before it increases. The doctor will suggest you the best solution for your problem, and tell you what step you need to make.



    I’ve heard should really consult a dermatologist air a good, tailored routine at least 6-12 months before the big day because most treatments will take at least a few weeks to a few months to seed any difference.
    You can look into medication which needs to be prescribed by your doctor, but you’re best starting out with a good skin routine, exfoliation, toning, moisturising and being sun-safe. keeping hydrated and taking regular vitamins, using moisturiser with added vitamin E etc. are also good for both your overall health age skin health.


    Hii…. You should contact with a skin specelist they will test you blood and skin and give you the better solution. But i want to suggest a homopethic solution. This will also work . Use Aelobera Lotion. My cousin had the same problem. Someone suggest her this. But  ovewrcome with this.



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    maybe you can ask for help to people who have to clean prosesional


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    I should also note that if you’re going to be wearing foundation on your back to cover blemishes or scarring, look into something that won’t transfer (or you’ll have stains on your dress), using a powder to set the foundation should help. MAC’s face and body is a great option, but make sure you look for a primer suitable for oily skin to keep your pores clear, and help the foundation to last throughout the day.
    Airbrush make-up, even some fake tans may help hide it, but the best thing is a bit of tasteful cover-up like lace or sheer chiffon/tulle to give the illusion of no back with some cover for your blemishes.
    If you have acne, discovering the cause is very important. Discussing this with your doctor is the best course of action. For example it may be hormonal, or perhaps a consultation with a dermatologist will suit you best.
    Everyone wants to feel beautiful on their big day, and if acne on your back will be a pain, it’s best to start early.


    Well powders and soaps don’t cure acne. The dermatologist knows best. As early as now, you should visit a dermatologist because whenver they become too long (I mean the acne), they could leave scars which may be a bigger problem coming your day. Sure some make up could cover your back but it is still better to get rid of them as early as now. I have larned my lessons regarding that problem. 

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)

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