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    We have just started planning our wedding and I am considering who to ask as Bridesmaids.  I have my maid of honour sorted, best friend for 15 years, easy decision.  My fiance has two sisters and I’m really close to one and not the other.  I’ve spoken to the close one about being a BM and it feels right to have her part of the wedding, but I’m concerned that I’d have to have the other sister-in-law as well.  We’re not that close at all, only seeing each other at family things like birthdays etc (even though we live just minutes from each other), and she’s not really into bridesmaidy type things anyway.  The sister-in-law I’m close to doesn’t think it’d be a problem not to ask the other – what do you ladies think?!


    I think it would depend on your fiance, the sister and their family. Will your fiance be really offended if you only ask one of his sisters to be a bridesmaid? Will the sister you’re not close to makie a fuss if she’s not asked but the other is? Or, even if both are fine with it, will your in-laws then cause a lot of trouble for you?
    There’s always the choice of finding something else for the other sister to do. If she has a special talent in something you could ask her to help with the wedding (e.g. photography, cake decorating, etc.) Otherwise ask her to read a couple readings during the ceremony of greet and seat guests as they arrive at the ceremony. I would discuss this with your fiance first (if you haven’t already) and see what he thinks… and what he thinks his family will react like…



    I would look at it like you are good friends with one and not the other – that is not an issue I don’t think. Like, if my brother got married and his fiance and my sister were really good friends, I wouldn’t be offended if I didn’t get asked if I wasn’t as good a friends as they were

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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