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    hi, This is my first post, new here.
    I’m just wondering about the setting up of the ceremony, i’m planning on having a garden wedding in the afternoon, but i’m not sure how it will all come together, i’m just wondering who will set everything up? there won’t be alot of stuff, about 30 chairs, an arch and maybe a few bits and pieces of decoration (trying to keep a low budget) i don’t want to go spending a heap of money to pay for some one to set it up, but i don’t know who else will do it? 
    will i have to find time to do it myself earlier in the day, and hope no one touches it while i’m off getting ready, i can’t think of anyone else to ask, possibly my brother? but he really isn’t good with things like that. i don’t want to go asking any guests as it feels like its not there responsibility. 
    so confused on this..
    also i will add, the ceremony location, reception and hotels i plan to stay at, and hold the wedding at are all within about a 5 min drive from each other. 



    I am doing the same thing.
    My wedding will be in the botanical garden in Auburn. I am having a wedding arch with real greenery and flowers (still need to source the greenery I am trying to find it for free), I am having 50 white plastic chairs (hiring these at $2 off the internet) without arm rests and a personalized aisle runner ($100 off ebay). We are then going to scatter it with different color flower petals.  
    The wedding arch I got at Bunnings two weeks ago, it cost $15. I am going to spraypaint it white- I already have the white spray paint but it normally retails for about $5-$15 dollars depending on the brand you get. When I went to Bunnings they told me that you can get the cheapest spraypaint and it will do the same job as the more expensive ones. 
    For the ceremony set up I am going to ask my Dad, the groom’s dad, my groom’s brother in law, and my brother in law to help with the set up.
    Because there are four of them it should only take 10-20 mins to set everything up.
    I am going to ask the groom and groomsmen not to help and to just concentrate on getting there on time as I do not want any unexpected injuries with the groomsmen or groom before the wedding. We also have to adhere to very strict booking guidelines so that also has to be taken into consideration.  If you don’t trust your brother to do it then I would recommend that you could try and find someone else to do it. You didn’t mention what kind of garden location it is so I am lacking information but suggest if it is at your reception venue to ask if the staff there can set it up for you. You may have to pay a little bit extra however I imagine that it wouldn’t take long to set up? they may even be happy to do it for free to secure your reception booking. If that is not an option maybe you could consider a hire – a -hubby person and hire them for 2 hours to set it up before the ceremony and pack it all down when the ceremony finishes? I have looked at ceremony packages for the same type of set up and they range from $200 – $700 which I am not willing to pay for a 30 minute wedding ceremony



    it is best to find a small group who can service setting up before and after. try to check for helpful websites that offer such services, you will have time to validate and compare pricing.
    best not to have any from your entourage as this might affect some key points of your ceremony. wishing you all the best!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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