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    My 2nd marriage is in 2 weeks time and I am upset because my 30yr old daughter who lives & works O/S won’t come to our wedding.
    I have been with my partner for 10years now & we have finally got around to marrying after 2 failed attempts (cancelled due to his family’s infighting).My daughter has always got along with my partner & until this happening he has always supported her & got along well.
    So, as my only daughter is currently working in China, we contacted her 6 mths ago to organise a date to enable her to fly back. We were going to pay her flight (and her b/f), but when I tried to talk to her she said she couldn’t come back as the date was ‘inconvenient’, and she planned on being in Europe travelling.. then went on the suggest I instead move date to a couple of months earlier to the same weekend her bestie was marrying & have it then in our home capital city, as she would be in ‘Brisbane anyway’!
    I got very annoyed with her and told her she should treat her mother better, as she always puts her g/f’s first! She has since ignored my birthday, mother’s day oh & when she did come back for her friends wedding as the head brides maid, she didn’t even call me or make an effort to see me. I only found out she was there on posts of pictures from the bride on FB..
    Am I being unreasonable or is she needing to grow up??
    What should I do??


    Mei Lee

    Wedding is only meaningful when you are surrounded by people who cares about it as much as you do, as such they will make every effort to be there on your biggest day in life, to share your joy. You cannot please everybody’s schedule and why should you? You are the queen of the day! If someone requests that I change my schedule to fit his/hers, I will tell him/her to not bother. And right then and there I will keep our relationship at arms length. Because that is how much the relationship deserves. You should be a happy bride. You should not let others take it away from you. Embrace those who cares enough to be there; forget those who doesn’t. Remember, you can change a person. They have to find their own way. You have served your duty as a mother in raising your children. There is nothing more you can do. By the way, congratulation! I hope you did enjoy it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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