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    My 2nd marriage is in 2 weeks time and I am upset because my 30yr old daughter who lives & works O/S won’t come to our wedding.
    I have been with my partner for 10years now & we have finally got around to marrying after 2 failed attempts (cancelled due to his family’s infighting).My daughter has always got along with my partner & until this happening he has always supported her & got along well.
    So, as my only daughter is currently working in China, we contacted her 6 mths ago to organise a date to enable her to fly back. We were going to pay her flight (and her b/f), but when I tried to talk to her she said she couldn’t come back as the date was ‘inconvenient’, and she planned on being in Europe travelling.. then went on the suggest I instead move date to a couple of months earlier to the same weekend her bestie was marrying & have it then in our home capital city, as she would be in ‘Brisbane anyway’!
    I got very annoyed with her and told her she should treat her mother better, as she always puts her g/f’s first! She has since ignored my birthday, mother’s day oh & when she did come back for her friends wedding as the head brides maid, she didn’t even call me or make an effort to see me. I only found out she was there on posts of pictures from the bride on FB..
    Am I being unreasonable or is she needing to grow up??
    What should I do??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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