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    I was just wondering what the average time seems to be for sending save the dates out? I’ve read about 6-12 months before the wedding, though this seems to be mostly from US sites. I know it depends on travel etc. We should (fingers crossed) have ours out by about the 7 months mark – the wedding is local and shouldn’t require anyone (except my parents who’ve had plenty of nice) to travel. Does this sound reasonable? What are other people’s experiences? Hoping to get the invites out 3 months before the big day.


    7 months sounds like a great amount of time. You probably would have discussed the date beforehand anyways so those who were super worried (or super excited) would have already marked the date in their calendar and asked for the day off from work. I think you’re on track!


    I sent mine out in late Jan for my October 2013 wedding. I think that’s enough time. I sent mine out in jan as people are planning holidays etc plus we have a few interstate guests. I meant I could put my info about accomodation in there as well



    We sent ours about 10 months out to our Italian relatives, so they could decide what they were going to do. I was going to send the others out about 6 months out, but my grandad became terminally ill and I didn’t want to do anything wedding related, then by the time I was ready to get back into the planning, my nephew died tragically, followed shortly by my grandad (he held on 3 months longer than the doctors said he would – woo hoo go Pa!), so by the time I actually got around to starting wedding stuff again it was only 2 months out and we sent out the real invites! So now I have a box of Save the Date magnets haha


    Thanks ladies for your advice and tips! I am feeling much better about sending them out around the 7 month mark now! I think i was just stressing myself over nothing!



    Hi Ladies,
    This post has helped me a lot! Some of FH family live in the UK & USA, and we have been talking about when we should send out Save the Dates for our October 2014 wedding. Think I might do similar to DankiStar and send them to international guests 10months+ out and then maybe Jan next year for local/interstate guests :) 
    Thanks!! :) 


    Hey! we’re sending ours out at the moment (March) for our wedding in December however ours is down at the beach (45 mins from city) AND at a busy time of year so we thought the earlier the better to give our guests time to book accomodation if they want. Everyone seemed to think that was a good idea so just went with that :) dont think there’s a right or wrong time, just depends on when and where you’re having it. Good luck!



    We aren’t actually sending out save the dates – we only have a handful of people who will have to travel (3 people from interstate, 6 people from the far corners of the state) and we personally called them to let them know the date. We just felt that save the dates were a waste of time if we weren’t getting married somewhere other than home or at a busy time of year.


    Well!! I would say you can sent save the date cards before 6 weeks of your wedding. That would be best timing to sent your save the date cards. 


    we did ours 11-12 months out… was only going to do the o/seas ones and the local ones 9 months out but we got carried away writing envelopes so did them all…
    plan on sending invites out 3 months before the date and the RSVP cut off 4 weeks before the date !!! and if people don’t RSVP i WILL freaking strangle them !!! has anyone seen that e-card “oh i’m sorry you were so busy you didn’t have time to RSVP on the already stamped and addressed card and put a tick in the freaking box !” hahaha

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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