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    Hi all,
    I am wondering about the best way to request attire on the wedding invtiation. My venue requires a formal dress code, but I would really love my guests to come in Black tie, or even white tie if it’s within their means. (All the lads in the bridal party will be in white tie.) This gets wordy fast, and the simplest option, “Black tie preferred,” doesn’t make clear that the venue won’t allow guests who don’t meet their ‘formal’ dress code to enter. 
    Is the best option to include a small business card with a link to our wedding website in the envelope? All of my elderly, less web-savvy guests are likely to come in formal attire anyway, it’s really just for the cousins and so on, who I don’t speak with often.
    But surely everyone wears ‘formal’ attire to a wedding unless specifically asked not to, so I have nothing to worry about, right?



    I think the business card could work, and the majority of people would wear formal attire if it states so on an invite. But given that it is an actual requirement, I would ring around or mention it to anyone just in case, not everyone will look up the website. 



    i would just put “Dress: Black or white tie.”on the invite.
    To me, I always read an invite for things like that. The full stop implies that it is not optional. A business card adds extra expense. And, let’s face it, the people who ignore a dress code are the same people who wont look at your website! I honestly think you have nothing to worry about. Ask your parents to spread the word if need be. If you mention it to your most gossipy relative, everyone will find out and you don’t have to bother ringing or paying for business cards.
    Are people from your venue seriously going to be out the front checking what people are wearing anyway? I doubt it. And if they do, and second-cousin Jane is not allowed in, it is a funny story to tell for years to come!



    I’m with jsbride! 



    Hi LittleDetails
    First off best to decide on a definate, Black or White Tie. The invittion itself also sets the tone for the wedding so the more formal the invite the more formal the wedding, or thats how its usually perceived anyway. We had a formal invite and at the bottom simply wrote ‘Dress Code – Lounge Suit’. I would leave out the ‘preferred’ part personally, as I think you would run the risk that some would interpret this as an optional. 
    We also included our wedding website URL, and that was where we got a little more specific. We included a brief discription of our dress code to try and spare the ‘what does that mean’ crowd. Also included a few pics of us attending events in similar attire to give a subtle visual aid.
    Even with all of this planning and preparation aside… we still ended up with a couple in jeans surrounded by suits lol



    Something such as “As per venue requirements please dress in black tie” would say it all I would think



    I think asking the venue for their dress policy and adding it as a small accompaniment to the invite/RSVP would be good.
    Some tips on etiquette, dress and make-up may help it sound more friendly such as suggesting formal attire is usually below the knee hemlines with minimal visible cleavage. Try to make it sound like friendly advice to ensure the evening goes smoothly, use language that suggests you are talking to a dear friend rather than static and formal language to make it sound less judgemental.


    Ian martin

    Sometimes every printed wedding invitations provides logical idea for the wedding themes as well as the recommended attire to use. See how the invitation cards looks likes or sometimes you can read them written from it. Also get ideas from them in persons or try to contact them.

    In few months I am also getting married, we also requested digital color copies printing of invitation cards from this site http://www.digitekprinting.com/digital-color-copies and out theme is something green.


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