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    Hi Everyone!
    I have always had in mind of a colour theme of Black (like black linen/chair covers), Ivory (sash) and a splash of red (like roses). We have just booked our reception venue – L’Aqua the Gold room (sydney). As the name implies – the room has a lot of Gold accents like curtins, a gold feature wall etc.
    I am stuck now whether my colour theme would work in a gold room? I haven’t bought anything in the colour theme so I can easily change it. I could change the ivory to gold but not sure whether I like the idea of black gold and red.
    What are peoples thoughts?



    Those colours can work together, but it will be a matter of restraint,  balance and theme as this is a very strong palette and can easily become overwhelming or look cheap if not executed well.
    I would choose a main colour (black or white) and use the rest of the colours with more restraint, such as a pop of red and metallics as accents.
    Those colours would work well with themes such as art deco, noir, or Hollywood glamour. So have a look for themes that are rich, dark and opulent as they will give you good inspiration on how those colours can be used effectively. Pinterest will be a great tool for this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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