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    Hi Ladies,
    I have a slight dilemma, I did have a lady who was going to make my real touch rose bouquets, however she now appears to want nothing to do with me. I met her twice and after the second meeting sent an email for a quote, this was in October.  I’m starting to panic as I am getting married towards the end of Match next year and no longer have bouquets!! Fresh flowers are a last resort, as I’m getting married away from home. I would like something I can have exactly as I like and see before the day. I’m located in central NSW could any of you suggest a good business who makes real touch bouquets?? 
    thanks in advance!



    I’m sorry I live in Melbourne and don’t know much about NSW, but speak to your local florists, they may have the connections, also craft and fabric stores. I’d also suggest online, even if they have to come from overseas, start looking for samples ASAP.


    Hello Im hoping im not to late or that you have found a supplier already. But i do know a place that can make up real touch bouquets. Im actually getting my flowers from them. they are called Just fake it  bouquets. Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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