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    We have decided on charcoal grey and imperial purple as our main colour scheme with other shades of grey and purple, white, silver and black thrown in for accents. The bridesmaids are wearing imperial purple dresses and the groomsmen are wearing charcoal grey suits.
    Question 1 –
    What colours will work best in the bouquet/boutonnieres? I was thinking a mix of dark purple, light purple and white held together with a charcoal or silver ribbon (depending on what colour I can get) – how does this sound? Do you have any other recommendations?
    Question 2 –
    Would it look okay if the bridesmaids and groomsmen wore black shoes? I don’t want to have to make them purchase another pair just for the wedding and I figured that most people own black high heels/dress shoes anyway and it’s a colour that is being used in the wedding in small amounts.
    Question 3 – 
    I instantly thought of getting the groomsmen to wear imperial purple ties, but I would like my fiance to stand out a little bit. Could having his tie stripped with another colour achieve this? What colour would you recommend? If they all wore the same tie as my fiance, what is another way that he could stand out?
    Thank you so much in advance for your responses girls!



    Hi Jessica 
    i would talk to your flourish about your colours and what would work best in the flowers. Go with some photos and discuss how you want to use your colours in your wedding. There are lots of different tones of purple and of course it will look different with different blooms so for your flowers it’s best to ask the expert!
    i think black shoes are fine!
    for my wedding the groom is wearing a different colour tie to the groomsmen. My groom is wearing a light silver colour tie as this will match my belt/sash and decoration on my dress and then the groomsmen are wearing a dark grey tie to match the bridesmaids. If your bridesmaids are wearing purple then I would get the groomsmen to wear purple and the groom to either wear a charcoal or stripped tie. 



    It sounds like you have a strong idea of the colours you want, which is great; the difficulty will be finding the correct shades of greys to offset the chosen shade of purple (as too light will make it look washed out, and too dark can make it look jarring and cheap). So don’t be afraid to bring out the swatches and compare.
    Q1: I think the bouquets sound nice, to set the bridal bouquet apart more you could use more white and light purple, or increase the size, use a different shape, more diverse mix of blooms and foliage. You could also alternate purple and charcoal wrappings, go for one solid colour or use a bit of both.
    Q2: It’s totally fine if they wear black shoes (they don’t have to match the dress, sometimes that can be too matchy-matchy and look overdone). Depending on how you want everyone to look, you could even have different styles in the same colour. Look for different finishes, ebellishents and styles to find something that you love. Getting shoes that can be re-worn is always a bonus.
    Q3: If you want your FH to wear a tie/bowtie that will stand out, but still want groomsmen to have bold purple ties, look into some thicker stripes, a pattern or print that will tie into the theme. You could also have the groom in purple and the groomsmen in charcoal/black (or vice versa); the groom in white and the groomsmen in light purple or purple (or vice versa); the groom in purple and the groomsmen in light purple (or vice versa). You can also have different pocket squares, suit colours, boutonnieres (grroms could be bigger, or more flowers, or extra touches). Even accessories like hats, watches, suspenders or sunglasses. You could even look into different shirts (like a pinstripe or pastel purple shade).

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