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    Hi Ladies,
    I’m brand new here and trying to navigate my way around, so please excuse me if anyone has asked a similar question in the past.
    My partner and I are in the midst of planning our engagement party. We are hiring a marquee and it will be at my parent’s property. The night will be a cocktail engagement party, with finger food provided as well as alcohol. There will be no sit down meal.
    My query is that many of my fiancĂ©e’s friends enjoy a beer (or 10!). We will be providing what would normally be a reasonable amount of drinks but I’m concerned we’ll run out – and I don’t really want to foot the bill for the borderline alcoholics lol. Is it okay to put something on the invitation such as: “Finger food and drinks provided however if you plan on really kicking up your heels, feel free to also BYO”…? Or can anyone think of a better way to word it to get my point across? Basically what I want to say is if you consume alcohol like a regular person you’ll be fine, but if you plan on drinking half a carton you’ll need to BYO.
    Am I being unreasonable or rude by doing this?

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