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    Hi everyone,
    I will be getting married in Perth on March 8th 2015.
    I have a limited budget of $10,000 and am trying to cut expenses where ever possible. I just can’ seem to find a reasonably priced venue in Perth though!
    We are looking at having about 50 people and are thinking about a cocktail style reception (should save more money). We are happy to provide our own food and drinks but I can’t fid anywhere that will allow us to do so except for hiring big town halls (which would look ridicoulous with only 50 peeple standing!). Also, we would like the venue to give us access to the outdoors: a small intimate garden or a big balcony as we don’t want to stay stuck indoors.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance :)



    Hi Sakari,
    There’s a lovely, affordable venue at the Pier Street Jetty, near the Lucky Shag. Friends of mine had their wedding there and they were on a serious budget. It’s not byo caterer or drinks, but if you go by “on consumption” it’s much more affordable. The food was excellent quality and the views were to die for.
    There is a surf type club room there that has amazing views over the Swan River, too. I know they are byo. 
    Also think about off-peak times, like a lunch-time or early afternoon… You might be able to save a fortune. 
    Another option is to think about somewhere like the Perth Hills… There are plenty of beautiful wineries that would be accommodating with food and drink options.
    Or a guest house/b&b with beautiful grounds? 
    Happy hunting!


    Hello Sakari Zini, just wondering where did you end up booking for your wedding?
    I also am trying to have a wedding in Perth for around the $10,000 mark.
    Would love to know what you have done to reign in the costs :)
    Many thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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