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    Hi there,
    this is my first time to post on the forums.
    I got engaged February 2012 to my fiance and first people we tell are our best friends, his parents, one of my sisters and then my mum because ever since I was a kid she always told us if any of us decided to get married all we had to do is to send her an invite with the date and where it is and she will see us there so we told her and we got the same response from her and now that we sorted the date Friday 10th October 2014 (and that was fine with both mine and my partner families).
    Then we sat around think of venue ideas and my mum put in her 2cent and of course it was welcomed to have it at home or at my auntie’s so we kicked that around for a bit because both me and my partner are bit shy so we did research about backyard weddings.
    but earlier this year we had a bit stress at home and I thought it would be an nice for everyone to the at a place can do both ceremony and reception in the place and that wouldn’t put any stress on anyone. my partner grandparents have offer has our wedding present to pay for our ceremony and reception and his mother is a pattern maker and has offer to make my wedding dress.
    but I heard from my sister that my mum isn’t happy about choice we made for our wedding and that what my partner’s family has offer us. it can give her a chance for weekend away with all of her kids and i’m happy to pay for her part of it so she enjoy even more and i’m happy for help her with the wedding but if she keep on reacting like it makes me feel like that if she can’t have it the way she likes it she is going to grumpy/annoyed the whole time. And i wont want to talk to her about it at all :(

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