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    Hi ladies,
    My fiance and I have only been engaged for 4 months and we are already right into the planning. The wedding is in 2015 and we are sussing out venues at the moment. However, I have no clue about where to start when thinking of a theme or colurs! I am quite literally at a wall – I’ve got no clue. I’ve tried looking online about themes for smaller weddings (like 30-40 people) and wedding colours for a beach wedding that have green and not blue is a nightmare! I’m totally lost and my fiance isn’t exactly the most savy person to be asking so I’ve crossed him off the list. Any help is good help for me right now.
    Thanks, :)



    I’ve love the green and white natural kind of colours. For my flowers I’m having white/cream flowers with touches of green. I struggled to pick colours because I decided I didn’t want a ‘theme colour’ that went from the dresses to the flowers to the centrepieces. So instead I’m going for natural/nature colours. Then I can mixed it up with a range of neutral colours with touches of green (as in from actually foliage or flowers not just the colour on a ribbon). My fiancé was useless picking colours and just keep saying ‘whatever you want….’ (I don’t think he realised just how unhelpful that was :-) 
    your theme will be dictated a lot by your venue. Mines at a golf course and I have small numbers too, my theme is ‘casual elegance’. Nothing’s over the top, it’s nice and simple but still classy. I think what ever your numbers you can have any theme you want really as long as it reflects you and your fiancé.



    Hi Buglette,
    I think the best thing you can do is look at colours you love and already have in your life and let that influence you (for example my wedding colours are navy, silvery grey and white as these colours are all over mine and my fiances wardrobe).
    Seems like you are really into green so maybe have a green wedding with a few different shades or maybe team it with something more neutral like white or sandy beige (since you mention the beach)
    Also your colours can be your theme as can your location. You do not strictly need a theme on top of your colours and/or loccation.
    So you could have:
    Green Wedding
    Beach Wedding
    Green Beach Wedding
    You get the idea.
    If you still want a theme on top of that then there are things like:
    Mod (as in 60’s)
    Modern (as in contemporary)
    Classic / Traditional
    Rustic Country
    Casual Garden/Outdoor
    Zoo / Animal
    English Garden Tea Party
    But I believe the best theme you can have is “Us”.
    This way you can incorporate all sorts of elements that you love into your day that may not strictly all be the same theme instead of having to go with something that goes with the theme but that isn’t quite you and your relationship
    i.e English Tea Party having little sandwiches and scones in the cocktail hour when you and your fiance love seafood and savoury foods.
    Example of the “Us” theme for my wedding:
    Board games
    Indian Food
    Dance Lessons for everyone at the wedding
    None of these would go with a “propper” theme.
    At the end of the day your wedding is a big party celebrating your relationship. The sooner you let go of the “supposed to” and look at the things you, him and your guest will enjoy the better your day will turn out.
    The only “Supposed to” is actually get married of course!



    I think you should choose the colours that you like the most. If you like green than pick green. As for your fiance not being a savvy person when it comes to colours, just have a look at the clothes in his wardrobe to see what he likes. We found our colours by looking at wedding design boards done by professionals to find colour themes where the colours complimented each other. We chose colours that tied into the mood and feel we wanted. We’re going for soft pinks, ivory, blush and grey (which is a muted pallet).
    If you wanted something more exciting you could go for brighter versions colours, it really depends what feel you want for the wedding. One pop of colour can add excitement to the whole day, such as using cherry red instead of pink.



    One more thing, this site is great if you’re looking for colours that work well together: http://www.theperfectpalette.com/

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