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    I am currently in the process of planning my Feb 2014 wedding.  We have secured a venue, officiant and photographer without much fuss despite very early enquiries.  Now I am wanting to lock in florists, cake makers and hair dressers and a lot of them are either not contacting me back or saying that they arent really interested in sitting down for a consultation yet as its too early.  I’m stuck in a planning wasteland where I want to be able to feel relaxed that everything is booked and I’m not missing out on the best of whats on offer in our price range and don’t quite understand the disinterest.  I understand that these people probably book hundreds of weddings a year but I’d just like to feel mine was as important as everyone elses.  The reception place basically said to me that they had earlier weddings that were more of a priority, contact wise, and that really I should probably not expect quick response emails this far out from the wedding.  Is this normal and should I just hang in this twilight zone for a little while and start really planning like crazy later in the year?



    Dont panic Kylesja!
      I’m getting married the same month, and I’m also a professional cake decorator so I know the business of brides wanting to book well in advance! I always reccommend to my brides that if they want that piece of mind they should contact the suppliers they are certain they want to go with and ask to put down a small deposit just to secure the date. If they are apprihensive on taking a deposit just ask them to make it fully refundable up until 6 months prior to the wedding date, and say they can opt out same as you can if needed. This won’t involve having to worry about organising what you want with all the details, but it will give you the peace of mind knowing that you have them booked in. 
    Alot of the suppliers will wait until the quiet season, A.K.A winter months before your wedding date, to schedule in all the consultations, tastings, and contract signings as during summer they are simply too busy to be able to focus attention away from the job at hand. Summer is like rush hour and you want your supplier to be free enough to give you 100% of their attention. You must also remember that if you book your supplier and organise all your little details a year in advance that you are promising that NOTHING will change in a year, but things do change. If you change your mind on what you want, have an increase in guest numbers, or heaven forbid your venue decides to undertake massive renovations a month before your wedding, you’ll be sending everyone back to the drawing board.
    You have to consider that some of the smaller suppliers who may own their own businesses will definately be more reluctant to invest alot of time to a distant booking. They could end up heavily pregnant, sick, or missing an arm in a years time! They simply can’t garuntee you that they will be able to deliver your flowers, cake or vocal performance and they don’t want to have to dissapoint you 6 months into your booking.
    Secure the dates, but wait until it’s closer to worry about the details. You’ll be more confident in knowing what you want, and when your time comes you will be glad that your suppliers can give you the same attention and focus that they are currently giving to the “priority” weddings happening this season.
    Happy planning!


    Find other suppliers. 10 months before your wedding is NOT too early to be planning! I see HarrietN’s point about things changing but you are trying to plan the big things! (if your colour scheme changes later it’s not a biggie to the decorator/baker/hairdresser!!) Your wedding date is at the peak “wedding season” some of the places/suppliers we looked at for the same time of year are booked 1-2 years in advance! You definitely want to find people that will support you to create your dream the way you want. I’m sure it will all work out for the best and you will find the perfect suppliers for your perfect wedding :-)



    Hey, I am just over 5 months away from my wedding and still haven’t booked a florist, we booked our venue 2 years in advance because the venue books out early however have only booked our photographer and dj about 4 months ago, celebrant about 1 month ago, hair and make-up 1 week ago, still havent looked at florists yet, don’t stress to much, 10 months is a long time :)

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