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    Lisa King

    <p>Hi All,</p>
    <p>I am trying to decide on a wedding photographer and I would appreciate your advice.</p>
    <p>Everyone says that wedding photographers are such an important part of the wedding day, as they the only thing you have to remember the day by.  I have been looking at wedding photographers around my area, and I feel so confused about the decision.  I love ‘WOW’ photos but also a combination of candid, natural, posed, fun and filtered photos (so… pretty much everything…).  I feel alot of pressure to make the right decision on the photographer as I want photos I will love into the future.</p>
    <p>I’d appreciate any tips you have made in selecting your photographers would be great.</p>
    <p>Warm Regards,</p>



    <p>I am lucky enough to have a friend of  friend who is a photographer so this decision has been easy for me.  </p>
    <p>What I would say even from picking her is make sure you have a look at their photo’s wedding and otherwise ( I find photo’s with kids tell a lot).</p>
    <p>Most importantly pick out a few and have a chat with them tell them what you want and ask them loads of questions.  </p>
    <p>Good Luck</p>


    Yes, it is right that wedding photographers are such an important part of the wedding day. You can visit here to find the best wedding photographers near your location – Perth wedding photographer


    El Gee

    Hi Lisa
    for photography I recommend elleni toumpas.

    Also if you’re looking for videography I know of someone offering a free video service in Brisbane at the moment. Reply if you would like the details.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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