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    hello there fello knotties
    my fiance and l are gettting married on january 14 next year……it was a last minute decision to get married in our home town so we’ve gone and emailed a bunch of local photographers and only 2 have gotten back to us one is on holidays then and the other is free…..however as soon as we decided to go with the free one she demanded $200 up front before she would meet with us.
    We understand she has a business to run and has to book us in for that particualer day….but to want that sum of money straight away without agreeing to meet us and discuss our day what we want etc….
    we are stuck between a rock and a hard place
    has anyone else experienced this



    Hi Tracey
    My finace and I met with a number of photographers before choosing. None of them made us pay anything just to meet initially! Personally, I would definitely not pay $200 up front before even meeting her. I think that is really quite bad she demanded that. This person will be spending the whole (or a large portion of) day with you and if you don’t click with them then that could make the whole day stressful and you won’t get the photos you want. If you pay them $200, then you’re more likely just to go with them regardless of whether you really want to or not, just because you’ve commited that sum of money.
    The phtographer we’ve chosen not only has a beautiful portfolio, but a wonderful personality and  after meeting her we made our decision on the spot. Now I can feel relaxed that the person who will spend the entire day with us, will be a pleasure to have around and we will get better photos beacuse of it. I’ve been to weddings where the bride hated the photographer and it dampened the experience for them a little. Photos (to me anyway) and one of the most important things as they will be the tihng that lasts, so you want to get the right photographer.
    Just my thoughts anyway :)



    I haven’t heard of a photographer asking for money before meeting with you – wrong! We only paid a deposit after seeing his work and meeting with him to discuss the day. He even threw in a bonus for us in the package.
    I wouldn’t go with that photographer – this person will be directing your day and will be with you anywhere from 6 – 14 hours. Make sure you click with them and get on well. That was the deciding factor for us in choosing a photographer.
    If you can afford travel, consider hiring a photographer from out of town if all the ones there are booked.
    You can always negotiate discounts – most wedding suppliers will work within your budget to get your business (we asked for winter discounts, cash discounts, budget constraints).
    Good luck!



    I would keep looking at your options, this photographer sounds shady. As the others have said, chemistry is important, know the look, feel and style you want before you meet with anyone. Do your research, look up the portfolio and other clients/companies who’ve worked with them before finalizing anything.

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