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    Does anyone know any cheap place that does personalised rock candy? Been searching everywhere still over $300.00


    Hi Gabrielle,
    I saw this post, and was reminded of one of my old haunts before I moved to tassie, but i’d say it’d really depend how much you would want, I guess!
    I did find this place – http://www.roccandy.com.au/weddings-pricing.php – and if you only wanted a few kilos, and did all the splitting up etc yourself, it could work out pretty economical.The lollies are good, too. 😉



    Why not DIY? As in make it yourself at home, or have someone in your family (or even close friends) do it for you as favour? 


    You can make some at home. It is cheaper and fun to do. Just search for the ingredients and do it at home with some of your friends or love ones. The steps are easy to do and the ingredient is easy to find too. You can make your own rock candy and everybody will surely like it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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