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    Hey Everyone!
    Was just wondering if there was a particular time when it’s customary to start paying off all my invoices. There are just so many and was hoping I might be able to postpone some to on or even after the day – has anyone heard of doing this or done it themselves?
    I will obviously speak to my vendors about this when the time comes but didn’t want to sound rude if I suggested it.



    Hi Amanda,
    I’m not up to that stage yet, but my suppliers have all stated the terms. eg. 30% now, 30% 2 months before and the remainder 1 month before etc. The band wanted 30% deposit now and the rest on the day. We will fix up the drinks on the night but pay the meals beforehand. I can’t imagine many suppliers would accept payment after, but maybe on the day would be fine? I would just ask what the payment terms are, and is there possibly any flexibility? No one minds being asked! You can always give credit card details as a security measure for them.


    Hi Amanda, 
    I’m still making arrangements but have locked in the major things, at this moment I’ve only paid deposits and as I understand (from memory) I need to finalise my payments maybe a month out from the wedding. I plan to pay deposits on all and as my wedding (March 2014) gets closer, say around December make the payments. Some things I gave paid in full already eg; my venue required it, my wedding band (ring) & will pay my dress off beforehand. I don’t know if that’s helpful or not but hope it helps a little? 


    If you ask your vendors about their payment options. They will usually list out the installments (dates and amounts) in detail.  In my experience, vendors usually request all payments to be made before the BIG Day.  Some of them are happy for you to pay on the day.  Hope this helps.



    we have pretty much everything sorted except flowers and we are 4 months away from our big day. most suppliers for us have asked for a deposit to confirm booking (all from 10% of the total up to 50% depending on the supplier) and the rest to be paid off at least 1-2 weeks before the wedding, different suppliers will have different payment options :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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