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    My fiance and I are planning our wedding on the majority by ourselves. We know bits and bobs about the kind of things we want included in our wedding, including a woodland theme, etc., but have no idea where to start! Neither of us have been to any weddings since we were children, so we have nowhere to start other than the internet, which is proving to be extremely overwhelming!
    Where do we start?! We have a rough idea of the venue (going to an open day in a week to see if it meets our expectations), but other than that, we’re kind of stumped. What kinds of decorations do we need?! A lot of the things I’ve found are stunning but I don’t know if they match the style we’re aiming for. Please help!!



    First things first – nail down a guest list and figure out how many people you want to invite vs can fit at various locations.

    Secondly – a budget. This will let you know what kind of wedding you are going to have – simple or more extravagant.

    From there work out your wedding priorities and budget allocations. (Might I suggest food and music/entertainment? These are the things the guest notice most)

    You already have a theme which is great – now pick a colour scheme to go with it (I recommend 3 – 5 colours).

    And really nail down together how you want this to look – so you get a better idea of what will suit and what doesn’t – and work out how much money you have to spend in this area.

    If you are getting overwhelmed by picking knick knacks before doing the first two things, take a step back and work on that first.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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