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    <p>Hello fellow wedding planners!  I need some advice on registry etiquette. </p>
    <p>My fiance and I live here in Australia but we are getting married in New York where I am from.  While we already live together we are in major need of homewarw upgrades! You know,  the typical things a couple would register for =)   my family is crazy traditional and already can’t imagine not throwing me a bridal shower (although I’m jumping for joy about not having one!)  so I’m completely stuck on a what to do for gifts. </p>
    <p>We would like to register here in Australia and put the info on a wishing well type card in the invite,  but to  my family, that is considered rude.  Please help!should we just nix the idea of registering altogether? </p>



    You can do a registry online, have a look at stores at are both here and USA or that you can at least order from either country. In terms of letting people know, put the bridal party and parents in charge of letting people know where you are registered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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