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    So I am thinking about organising my own hens night but I’m feeling a bit disappointed about it. I have suggested many ideas to my MOH and she doesn’t seem keen on any of them and hasn’t suggested anything that I like. I don’t want to do your typical party bus night out and I’d much prefer a girls night in/sleep over with movies, food and pizzas (and a stripper of course!) at a holiday house (I can’t do anything at my house as its too small and my MOH lives too far so I thought a rental house would be perfect) The problem is that I only have one bridesmaid (my cousin)and she is worried about the cost (which I completely understand) but I have 3 sisters, I didn’t ask my sisters to be in my bridal party as I’m only having a small wedding and I didn’t want half the guests to be in the bridal party and I wasn’t going to have one sister and not the others. So far my sisters have just said that if I need a hand to let them know but I don’t feel like I should have to ask. One of my sisters got married last year and we threw her the best bachelorette party, picked a theme she loved and decorated beautifully, we got matching sashes and tank tops, booked a party bus and pole dancing and then went out clubbing, I spent about $500 in total and I don’t think she quite understood how much effort we put in. Another of my sisters is getting married and while I’m not a bridesmaid I have still asked to help organise her bachelorette party as I want her to have the best time and I want to help create that. I don’t expect them or my MOH to spend heaps of money on me but it would be nice if someone stepped in and organised what I was asking for. I also think a lot of the costs could be covered by party guests. I’m not much of drinker so I would be happy to forgo alcohol and make mocktails and get more food. I said to my MOH we could ask guests to chip in $40-$50 to attend and she said they would want to get a lot more out of it for that amount of money. I’m just feeling a bit disappointed that no one is as excited as I have been for them and needed to have a vent as I can’t vent to any one other than H2B haha Any ideas on how I can approach this or should I just suck it up and arrange it myself?


    Personally I think you should just ask your sisters if they were interested in organising it for you?
    I think you would feel disappointed if you organised it yourself.

    People are funny, as they haven’t been asked to be in the bridal party they may not consider that you would want them to do the organising.

    I do think though that you can’t be overly controlling about what you do for it down to every detail.
    If you give them the gist of what you want and let them take it from there. You already have enough to worry about organising a wedding. Plus is nice for you to let go and just enjoy yourself and have a little surprise with what they have planned!



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