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    Has anyone done it? I found my perfect wedding dress, however it’s just out of my budget…it’s roughly $5,000 (before adjustment and size alterations) but I am simply in love with it.
    Has anyone had any experiences with doing this? Any disasters? Happy stories?


    yes! i have. i ordered a custom made dress from china, using dinodirect.com as i couldnt afford the dress i wanted here in australia, and when my dress arrived it was absolutely perfect, didnt need any alterations or anything, and it was quality material, and came with a warrenty. i would deffinitely reccomend getting dresses made overseas as i have nothing but compliments for dinodirect.com who made mine.


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    Hi CMxx
    I ordered my wedding gown from a company in Australia who manufactures the dress overseas. They were able to make custom design changes to the dress ( i wanted my dress to be strapless instead of straps) and were able to accomodate me.
    Their prices were affordable and quality was excellent. here is the link to their website http://www.lillybridal.com.au


    Yes. it’s really expensive for a dress. I understand your feeling. I love a dress that might cost $3000 but I didn’t have so much budget you know. so I find a similar replica on line that cost only less than $400. and they did customize it for me. that’s sweet. when I got my dress from the site(dressilyme.com), I was astonished. the design are similar though quality are not standard as original but it fits nice. It just feel like I got what i want at very affordable price. Though It’s not the exactly one I want, I feel happy. :)


    I second Stacey’s comment regarding http://www.Lillybridal.com.au – My gown arrived last week and its absolutely gorgeous!!! I am so in love with the quality, workmanship and service I received form them and I felt a lot more comfortable ordering online, knowing that they were based in Australia and had done all the research for me 😀 ( So I didn’t have to worry about getting an awful low quality dress)
    They even customised my gown to include an illusion lace back which i was super happy about!

    Seriously, send them your design and/or idea of your dream dress and ima sure they will be able to help 😀

    I believe they have incorporated custom dress designs into their website where you just send them your designs and they come back to you with a quote. http://www.lillybridal.com.au/custom-wedding-dress-designs/

    Hope that helps!! 😀


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    Hey I like the story you shared. And the budget too. If you still looking for a gorgeous wedding custom-made gown overseas for yourself no worries. I know about a site which offers different gorgeous wedding gown within your $5000K budget. You can easily managed it from the following ones. For more details let’s have a check http://suzanneharward.com/

    Thank you!


    Zoe Chu

    As $5000 for a wedding dress, it is indeed expensive. But we know, wedding dress is the most important stuff in wedding for a girl. So if you want to purchase one, it is ok. But you need to check the dress whether it deserves $5000.

    Wish a you sweet wedding party!


    waooo… that will help a lot.

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