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    I am getting married in October, Is there anyone else that can share my joy! 



    I’m an October 2014 Bride as well! :) what date are you? getting pretty excited, and also starting to think I’d better get my butt in gear with planning! haha 


    Hi Skye,
    Best time of year to be getting married in I must say! Love Spring! Good luck in the planning.
    My advise is to plan early, October is a busy time of year for weddings. I had an October wedding and found that planning early helped me to pick all the vendors I wanted to work with without them being all booked out.
    Rachelyn Halliday


    My wedding is in early October! Time is flying!



    @ ExcitedBride, I can’t beleive how fast it coming around! what date are you? we’re getting married on the 4th! :) hows all the plans coming along? :)


    I am getting married on the 10th of October! Great time to be doing it. Slowly getting through the planning, but have not yet done my invitations but am really struggling. Can I ask what process you all went through?



    Getting close ladies! :) hows all the planning coming along? I’ve just had our inivations designed by a store on Esty, and we will be printing them ourselves. And the Saturday just passed, my fiance and his groomsmen, just got fitted for thier kilts, they look amaing!! :) Just a question though, when are you sending out your invitations? and how far from the wedding do you ask for the RSVPs to be sent back? 


    October 5th here!
    Invite wise, we ordered some off ebay of the pocket style, and printed out the inserts ourselves. Turned out really well but I never want to see a guillotine again!
    We actually sent out our invites a week or two ago…we were going to wait until closer to but we’ve had people asking after them for months! I guess it gives them 5 months to figure out if they can attend. As my future hubby says “If they can’t work out what they’re doing in 5 months, they don’t deserve to come”.



    Yes – I am getting married in October 2014 – on Halloween, actually. Not a typical wedding!



    mrs.to.be – Im sending my invites out at the start of June, as I have many interstate & some international guests.  I then have an RSVP of 6 weeks out from the wedding but this is allowing 2 weeks of chasing late RSVP’s.  So basically I will have final numbers no later than 4 weeks out from the actual wedding date.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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