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    I don’t particularly want to wear a veil, I’m not a super girly-girl, and I get the feeling that a veil would annoy the heck out of me all day, but almost every article I read in magazines and wedding websites at least hints (if not flat out insisting) that wearing a veil is a must.
    My man and I are having a garden ceremony, and are planning it to be a little more relaxed, not so formal. He will be wearing a slim cut suit and sneakers, and this is my dress http://www.karenwillisholmes.com.au/products_info/kwh-by-karen-willis-holmes__kayla.  I was planning on just having my hair done in a low bun with a flower or two.  Do I need a veil, or will this look ok?



    No, you don’t need a veil!
    Did you try one on? If so, and you didn’t like it – don’t wear one! If you didn’t, maybe try one on. I know it was the first time I felt like a bride when I wore one!


    Hi Bec2013, I did try a veil on, but with a different dress. A lot of people say they felt like a bride for the first time when they put a veil on, but I just felt like I was playing dress ups!



    Decision made then – don’t wear one! I wasn’t sure, but I loved it on and my fiance said I had to wear one. But if I didn’t feel like that, I wouldn’t wear one.



    You don’t have to wear a traditional veil but you could always wear something in your hair to get the same feel without being over the top. Maybe a birdcage style incorporated with flowers? Or even just a nice headpiece.
    Some ideas:


    Hi Little Poss, I’m unsure whether I want a veil as well and if I do have one I will probably have a simple one and remove it for the photos. However, reading your post I thought I would bring up something you may not have considered… You said garden wedding. What time of year? I went to a garden wedding where I was surprised to see the bride wearing a full length veil and walked down the aisle with it over her face and didn’t take it off until the kiss. At first I was a bit confused but after half an hour of all the guests swatting away flies I suddenly realised she has her own mosquito net! The flies didn’t bother her at all. This wedding was late Feb, so I would just keep flies in mind. You can always just remove it after the cement anyway, but the last thing you want to be doing is swatting away flies during your vows. Maybe just consider a short veil, no longer than your elbow? 
    I also don’t think you need a veil and if its not you then don’t get one, but I just thought I would bring up the flies because its something I would never have considered if I hadn’t seen it for myself.


    JsBride, I thought about a birdcage but I don’t really think it would suit the style of my dress. Maybe I can add a bit of the tulle netting to my flowers or something.
    EmeraldBride, our wedding is in late March, and there aren’t too many flies or mosquitos around up here at that time of year. Great idea for a summer wedding though!


    Hi Little Poss, that’s okay then, hopefully it won’t be too hot. I just thought I’d mention it because I don’t want anyone else having to deal with flies. I reckon some netting underneath the flowers would be really cute. Like I said, if the veil doesn’t suit you or reflect your personality then don’t wear one.



    Of course you don’t need a veil. Your wedding is entirely personal and the choice is yours. I know plenty of girls who haven’t worn one. 
    If it helps I personally am going to wear one for the ceremony and some photos, but then taking it off and wearing a head band for the reception. 
    Ps. I just saw on another thread that we’re getting married on the same day :)

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