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    Hi all,
    Our wedding is going to be held at the zoo, after the zoo has closed. They are very strict on allowing people access after hours, so a staff member will meet all of our guests at the main gate (at a time that we nominate) to escort them to our ceremony location. We have been told that it may not be possible for late-comers to enter.
    How should I word this on our invitations? Obviously guests won’t TRY to be late, but I guess I just want to let them know that they really need to be there on time.
    I was thinking something along the lines of:
    Guests will be met by an escort at the main entrance at __ for after-hours entry. Please be aware that it may not be possible for late arrivals to enter.
    Does that sound too harsh? Would it be okay to put this information on the main invitation to save costs, or would it need to be a separate enclosure?
    Thanks :)


    i think that sounds okay… you do kinda want to point out that you really can’t be late for this one as it’s not like you can sneak in 1/2 way through and hang out @ the back sorta thing so something kindly needs to be mentioned… if your invites aren’t so formal maybe make it into a funny poem or something ?
    btw… wedding @ a zoo = AWESOMENESS !!! hope you guys have a great day ! : )



    I would suggest arranging an earlier meeting time by having a meet-up close-by or outside the venue, to pass the time you could provide canapes and some drinks (you could go for something like lemonade or sangria in big self-serve jars/punch bowls to save on service costs) by going for chilled canapes you could save on on-site cooking
    Some family and friends will arrive late (some more than fashionably) so if your venue can’t accommodate you for that, you may need to compromise by altering the start-time and arranging entertainment. A slip in your invite package stating the policy of the zoo is also a good thing to include as well so that people who skip the pre-drinks know that they still need to attend by a cetain time.
    You’re not being harsh, occasionally venue restrictions will make it hard to work around it can make things hard etiquette-wise.
    If you were being demanding and insisting everyone was on time for your wedding for no real reason it would be totally different and your guests probably wouldn’t be as receptive or comfortable indulging your wishes; however considering the circumstances they will understand if you explain it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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