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    I need help with colour coordinating everything. Because I can’t decide on a colour it’s really holding everything else up. We are getting married on a property that has a gorgeous barn so it’s pretty much DIY. I’m going for a vintage feel, mason jars, blackboards etc as decoration. Now I’m just struggling to decide on colour. Do I decide on a colour for my bridesmaids then work everything else out around that? I also have my 2 daughters as flower girls. So I’m not sure whether I do bridesmaids in black or maybe a pink (that’s what I have been thinking) then do I do my flowergirls in pink to or go a different colour again. Hope someone can help me.



    Hi Amber,
    Generally speaking you come up with the theme colours first and then work your way through the rest of the colour decisions.
    But here is the fun thing: You can have as many or as little theme colours as you want!
    So if you want a pink and black wedding you can do that! Or an all pink wedding with different shades from blush to hot pink to berry.
    My advice?: It is easier to decide on what colours suit the space, suit each other AND suit you as a couple then work forward from there.
    So work out what colours you and your fiance have in your lives alot, what you like and what works with your theme.  Once you have a palette figure out what aspects are going to be what colour.
    I.E for a 3 colour theme:  Napkins are colour 1, linens are colour 2, brides maids are colour 1 with colour 3 accents, Groom is suit colour 3 with colour 1 accents,  flowers are colour 2 etc..
    Hope this helps!



    If you need help finding a palette I’d suggest http://www.theperfectpalette.com/ they have some great ideas, you can search by colour and it makes visualizing things easy. Pinterest is also pretty awesome.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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