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    Hi all, I am in the VERY early stages of planning a semi-destination wedding in the South West WA region (3 hour drive from Perth) and just brainstorming ideas for all the bits and pieces. I am wondering about favours – yes I know that there is a lot of people for and a lot against (I personally hate them!) but I am concious that some guests might think it is rude not to receive anything. My question is are they necessary given I plan to make up little welcome packs for all guests presented on arrival, to include things like maybe some local chocolates, maps etc. Do they maybe count as my version of favours (its a very non conventional wedding btw!) Thanks!!!


    Hi Tippstar, normally I would say don’t worry about favours as it’s just extra money, but I think something that requires your guests to pay money does require them. I’m thinking of a destination wedding, so I’ll definitely be giving favours as they have to pay for flight and accommodation.
    Having said that, I think your little welcome packs sound great, and I would count them as favours. Although you might want to somehow let the guests know that. Would you consider placing them at the tables rather than handing them out at the beginning? Or maybe putting your thank you cards in them as well, so people know they’re the favours?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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