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    Ok so my first post here, I would like some input on my situation please.
    Starting from the beginning I like to keep my mum in the loop, when we first said ok it’s been long enough let’s get married the original proposed date was late 2015 if savings went according to plan however the father in law decided to help us out and pay for the reception but within this conversation of the original date my mum started trying to convince her partner to go get married before we did, which tbh I felt a bit offended that it was some kind of competition to her any way after the father in laws offer we talked to the venue we picked out and they had dates available for November 8th this year :) we tentively booked it for 10 days and let the important people know before locking it in which was all good until after we paid the deposit when my mum said they were away that weekend .. We can’t change the date or we forfeit our deposit of $700 and there are no more dates until April next year anyway and apparently they can’t change their date either :( my partner, mother in law and everyone I’m close to is dumb founded that my mum would rather go away for a weekend than find a way to post pone and attend the wedding, I should add that when I told her that we tentively booked the date I got no excitement from her just a change of subject and she didn’t talk to me about our plans until a few days later before We locked it in with the venue, I honestly didn’t think coming to our wedding would be an issue for her but to add to this her partner said the other day that he had printed out the NOIM documentation for them to look over and now I have this feeling that they might be going away to elope… If this is the case I am torn between feeling offended or excited or hurt … I am probably over thinking it but let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise me if this happened. 
    Thanks in advance 

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