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    Mrs. Bum

    Hi All,
    I have a running problem with my MIL about her oversharing of private details about My Fiance and I on facebook, including details about our wedding and engagement party.
    When we provided her with copies of our engagement photos, she uploaded them straight to facebook without asking, and we had decided not to post them personally because many of our facebook friends were not invited to the wedding, and won’t be attending the wedding either.
    When approached and asked to remove the photos for this reason, she refused, claiming she didn’t understand what our issue was and that she had her daughter’s engagement photo’s up, why wouldn’t she have her son’s?
    We have asked her to do our wedding invitations as she hasn’t really shown an interest in contributing in any way but we feel she should be involved somehow.
    I understand she is proud and probably excited but I felt very angry when today I saw her posting on facebook that she is starting the wedding invitations today, and that there is only 4 months to go.
    I feel pretty annoyed about this, but accept that maybe I’m over-reacting.
    Knotties, please help me to see some perspective on this as right now I’m seeing red!!
    Mrs. Bum (Jess)


    Not an overreaction at all!!! I would kill my MIL if she did that!!! (ok not literally, but I would be furious!!!) 
    Simply state to her that while you appreciate her excitement and pride, you also want to ensure your wedding is full of joy and surprises for your guests and so could she please hell to keep some ideas secret. If not tell her you won’t be sharing anymore information with her until she decides to respect your wishes.
    Probably easier said than done! Good luck :) 



    I think it’s reasonable that you’re upset. I’d be annoyed wth anyone oversharing on social media. You’ve got a right for details of your special day to be a suprise for those attending (Or to spare the feelings of those who aren’t attending).
    In relation to the invites, would it have been possible to discuss with her something else that she could do instead of the invitations to contribute? Maybe invites weren’t suited to her and there’s something else she’d be better at. Though with 4 months to go you might need to step in and finish off the invites as they’ll need to go out soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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