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    So I have been with my bf for almost 4 years. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but we are pretty much settled into the married couple life except for the married part. We are saving for a house aiming for next year and we know we have a future together. However we never have any discussions about anything that’s not rational and you no men they don’t show their feelings so bringing up the marriage convo is a bit hard because it’s not the kind of thing we talk about. We both want kids and have the same goals but he has said before that he doesn’t believe in marriage but then he says things like “at my wedding” and has asked me weird questions like “what kind of wedding would you want? a big one?” and “how do they measure ring sizes” and weird comments. My friend also did some digging (not because I asked but because she’s nosy) and asked if we would get married one day and he said “I don’t see why not” and I no he would get married if I wanted to for me but as we don’t talk about these sorts of things and I have dropped enough hints I think I don’t have much choice now but to bring the subject up. He is also a man that takes literally FOREVER to do anything even if hes 100% committed to it.

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