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    My fiancé and I are considering getting married at the Registry Office in Melbourne but I am worried people will think that we are cheap or tacky. So my question to you all is what do you think of a registry office wedding?  Are they cheap or tacky? Anyone been to or had a wedding there?
    Any advice is appreciated :-)


    Hi Melanie, I don’t think it would be cheap or tacky at all, it all depends on what you want. We had been looking at a registry wedding and I was still getting the dress, hair, make-up, photographer, and we chose a CBD restaurant for dinner, and were going to stay somewhere really nice in the city.
    However, my future mother in law had a shotgun wedding at the registry and she has told me she regreted it, and if you just want a wedding for the two of you to find somewhere nice to elope to. My fiance and I aren’t doing the registry wedding now, not because we didn’t like it, but because we only chose to do it in the first place because we were looking at doing an overseas wedding and we weren’t sure whether it would be registered in AUS, so we thought we had to do both. We’re now getting married in NZ, but were quite happy with the registry wedding and had heard that there are beautiful places in the city to get photos taken afterwards, if you don’t mind people watching. Maybe take a trip into the city with your fiance and have a look around the registry office at the local parks and fountains and architecture and get an idea of what the wedding photos would look like, and how if would feel. Also, ask your photographers is they’ve ever done city weddings before and ask for examples of their work. A great photographer can see a brilliant photo in any atmosphere.
    Good luck!


    I am also getting married and I was orginally going to get married at the registry but I realised I wanted something more prettier. Im getting married at SkyHigh which was $100 more, a beautiful location and cheap.
    I dont think its cheap or tacky but I would look around before booking because there are beautiful places for the same price. 
    My brother got married at the registry. I liked it but  he had to do it really quick, you dont have much time, they like you out quick so the next couples can go in. I remember the next bride and groom guest were waiting outside when my brother just got married. I hope this helps you!Follow your heart, dont care what people think, its your day, get married where ever you and your fiance feel comfortable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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