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    My Fiancé and I have decided on the 16th May 2015 for our wedding. We have decided on a church wedding and have already picked the church. As for the other planning we haven’t done much as my fiancé is currently deployed with the Australian Navy. I am looking forward to him returning so we can start planning our big day :) 
    Looking forward to meeting other May 2015 Brides :) 


    hey hey congrats on picking a date ! i might join you in the May 2015 section… all we have decided is 2015 and haven’t gone much further… i was all againist anything winter ! so May-August to me was a no go (too cold ! and i’m in Qld ! lol) then it’s the wet season Jan – Mar (well this year it was Jan – Jul !!!) but my fiance said winter does have the best clear days so i’m thinking April or May might be good months to pick… still no date but i’ll get back to you on that ! ha ! we are going to get married @ my parents property which is where we live too (out the back). so we can have our animals there w/ us too… so much to plan hey ?


    Hey :) how are you going on picking a date? Any luck yet? The reason I picked the 16th May is becaus  the 16th is our anniversary and may is the month my grandparents got married :) 
    there is heaps to plan and my fiancé doesn’t know how much there is to organize lol I haven’t done any planning because I’m waiting for him to get home in March! Have you done any planning? 


    hello !
    that is nice that the date is special to you guys… May 2015 will come around so fast…
    yes we have come to an agreement on the date ! May 23rd 2015 for us… it was all to do w/ the surf season overseas for the honeymoon… and his birthday… lol. so i thought i’d grab it and lock it in while he was offering… haha
    i’ve started pinning on pinterest some ideas (really need to stay away from that site !!!) and have found a photographer i really like… and that is as far as it goes… there is quite a bit to do so i’m sure your man will have heaps to think about when he gets back. gosh i don’t know how you do it… i miss my guy after a night apart !!! lol


    Haha this is our first time apart so I’m finding it pretty hard lol your date is a week after mine :) 
    i love pintrest! It’s quite addictive lol I’m always finding ideas on that site. 
    Where are you looking at for your honeymoon ? 


    hey hey… we are thinking of going back to a remote little village in Sumatra where we went to in 2012… we fell in love w/ a family their and their little children so it would be nice to visit again and see the kids… it’s super cheap ($25 a day inc. hut on the beach and all food !!) but very remote and basic… super surf break right on your doorstep too !
    so that is a thought but i also said i’d like to go somewhere that involves cocktails and a pool and a bit of luxury ! so we thought maybe we could go visit the village and stop via somewhere fancy in Bali or something on the way home for a few nights of pampering…
    what about you guys ?
    hope you have a nie chrissy and new year… bet you can’t wait for March to come around ! it will zoom here in no time… Jan here already ! yikes !


    Hey :) whatd date have you picked for your big day? 
    March can’t come around quick enough! Miss him so much. 
    We are getting married in sydney but don’t know where as we have done no planning lol

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