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    Hi, I’d like to have a Mario and Peach themed wedding, and would love if people had tips/ideas to share! :)
    I’m in the really early stages of planning, so still juggling ideas. So far I’ve decided on a very low-key, intimate ceremony (with tradiotional dress and everything, tho perhaps peach-pink shoes!) then with photos, doing half traditional, then half fun where the mario bros theme is incorporated.
    Then not really having a full on reception, just booking a room at a nice resturant, and pretty much having open invitation to all friends and family who would like to come.
    My reasons for low-key wedding is that my parents are divorced and do not get along well, and also that my fiance is very shy, and doesn’t want the spot light on him.
    Anyway, all comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


    I LOVE IT!!
    I think you should have the plush mario mushies and yoshi for your fun photo! 😉 Have you decided on a round about date yet?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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