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    Hi all! 
    I’ve been engaged for a while now and would like to get my Fiancee an “Engagement Gift.” Because of his job he may not even be able to wear a wedding ring while working, so an engagement ring is certainly out, so I’m thinking a watch could be something timeless and elegant that he could keep, and that would last and remain useful, for as long as a ring. 
    I’ve never brought a luxury watch (or in fact any watch over about $20), so I’m not full bottle on brands, do people have any suggestions? 



    That sounds like a lovely idea. My brother used to work in a jewelery shop and this started an obsession with Tag Hauer watches. Seperately to that my new husband also became obsessed with them.
    Website is:http://www.tagheuer.com.au/
    you can get them at most good jewellers and from time-to-time they have sales as well. In Qld we have Watches of Switzerland and they are an excellent retailer – I’m not sure if they are in other states. 
    Regards, Gagingi


    Hi Little Details, I’m planning on having a custom-made set of cufflinks ordered for my BF (whenever he decides to propose). We’ve been discussing getting engaged this year, and he is absolutely against any jewelry. He’s not even keen on the wedding ring… So I thought I could have a set of cufflinks made to match the wedding ring he’s thinking of getting for him to wear on the wedding day, and obviously any other special occasion to follow. He’s thinking of having a stone in his ring, so obviously the cufflinks will have that stone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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