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    Jess Birks

    Any suggestions for amazing Makeup artists in Melbourne? Preferably ones that come to you.
    Im a little fussy and I havent really seen anything  spectacular, so if you could recommend someone that would be amazing!!


    Hi Jess,
    I’m looking into Glow Makeup Artistry. Natalie, the makeup artist, used to work for Napoleon and she comes to you. She’s reasonably priced, and she also has a Facebook page that you can check our more of her work as well as her website. I’ve been emailing her for a few days now and she’s been fantastic at getting back and answering all my questions. She also seems a lot more friendly than some other people I’ve emailed. Maybe check her out and see if you like her? Otherwise you can go with Magical Makeovers and Embellish Makeovers, both who are amazing and have great reviews, but are more expensive. I would totally get Magical Makeovers if I could afford them


    Hey Emerald bride. How did you go with Natalie from glow makeup? Im currently looking into hair and make up but for asians though. Trying to save the costs here im only paying for hair and makeup for me and mom,then hair for my bridesmaids. My mil wants to go to her usual salon to do her hair,not so much on makeup since she is not big on it. 
    Let us know how you go,as im considering looking into her as well.


    Hi VivaliciousChic, I haven’t met Natalia yet, but I’ve booked a hair and makeup trial with her in 3 weeks time just to see how she is. I’ve also liked her Facebook page and like most of the styles that she’s put up. She’s been very friendly over email, has been happy to provide different quotes for me depending on how many women are getting done. I’m looking forward to meeting her. I will let you know how she is after I’ve had my trial.


    Hi ladies, I had my trial with Natalie fom Glow Makeup Artistry and was very happy. Natalie is very friendly and she was really nice in doing my hair and make up how I wished, and was happy to change some things I didn’t like. 


    Jess Birks

    Hi Emerald bride, 
    Thanks so much for your suggestion. My hairdresser actually knows Natalie and she recommended her so I think thats the way to go!
    Thanks :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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