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    Hi girls
    I’ve just booked my make-up artist (& paid a 50% deposit), and she asked what time I would like her to arrive, I told her 10.30am as that would give her time to set-up and then 30min to work on each person (inc me there are 6 people needing make-up) so we would all have our make-up done by 2-2.30pm. She has now told me that she has another wedding to do that morning and wont get to my place until 11.30am/12pm & believes its still plenty of time to do 6 poeple (note we need to be ready to go by no later than 2.45pm). Should I be concerned about this? I just don’t want her rushing on the day and doing a shit job, I’m also worried if she’s got another client and is running late then we get the short end of the stick, and we get put with the stress of not being ready on time which isn’t very fair.
    Any make-up artists or people with experince on this that can provide some advice?



    Bridal make-up done professionally can take up to 50-60 min and bridal party around 20-30 per person, however it really depends on your make-up artist, their experience, how many artists will be present, and whether or not they are providing hair styling services.
    I am going to the trouble of buying some of the key elements such as eyeshadow so that if the make-up artist is late, or does not do a perfect job, or if touch-ups are needed we will have an eergency make-up kit available.
    Have you done a trial yet? and did you time it? I really think you should go to the trouble of contacting the make-up artist, if you have a wedding planner they may also be able to help with scheduling. A good professional will consider your concerns and discuss with you a compromise, which may include a refund of the deposit or more staff to reduce time and stress on the day.


    Hey, this is really disappointing to hear! I feel that if she took on your booking first then she shouldn’t have accepted the other job if it would run into your allocated time.  I think that was unprofessional of her as this could be compromising the timing and stress levels of your day. If she is saying that she may not arrive at your home until 12noon and you need to GO by 2.45pm at latest with 6 ppl that’s less than half an hour each right? My maths has always been shithouse! :)  remember you will need to get into your gown, possibly have photographer takes pics of you and bridal party getting ready..sorry I don’t want to be negative but I can see it being really stressful. If you haven’t had a trial then definately do so…check your booking details. Your 50%booking fee may be refundable if it’s not too close to your big day? Given that she stuffed you around a bit I think you should request it back if you can find someone else who will be dedicated to you and invest the time needed to make it a relaxing and fun morning.
    sorry if I’m being a downer but I work in this field and would never dream of doing that to someone. Xx


    Echo Zhang

    Hi: I just checked form a friend of mine, who is wedding planner, he told me, you should find an alternate makeup artist, as outstanding professional makeup artist,it also needs at least 40 minutes if you want to create a perfect makeup , you can negotiate with them in order that they return your deposit, at the same time looking for another professional makeup artist,
    In fact, during our most important day in the life, Even through any one small thing may affect our mood, so marriage is tired, but you are also the happiest, because this thing do not affect your mood, remember doing a beautiful and happy bride. .Best wishes for you,,,,



    Hey Melshi84, any updates on what you decided to do with the Make-up Artist?


    Hi Melski84, I’m not sure if you are already married, but if not, I would HIGHLY recommend looking for another makeup artist. 
    There are a few red flags in what you have outlined above. First and foremost, your makeup artist shouldn’t be asking you what time you want them there, they should be asking you what time you need to be ready, and calculating how much time they need to do the best job they can.
    Very few reputable makeup artists would allow less than 30 minutes per person, and most I know (including me) allow 45 minutes per person and 1 hour for the bride.
    I would also be concerned by the fact that this artist has booked another wedding on the same day. Do you have a contingency plan for if they are late from the earlier wedding? 
    If you are already married, I hope you had a beautiful day and that your makeup was everything you hoped it would be.


    As a makeup artist AND a bride to be I’m telling you now, there is no way it will be good enough with that time frame. I personally allow a full hour for the bride and 30mins- 45 mins for each additional person. On top of that, individual makeup artists can only do so many faces so she should not be endevouring to do this all on her own in that time frame. She also shouldn’t have taken on another job that morning if you were already booked. It is really bad business in bridal makeup to make the bridal party work around you if they have already made their appointment AND taken a deposit. If she has taken money, she is legally obliged to give you what you already booked.


    Bride and bridal entourage make up and hair style should only be one group so that the face and the hair will coordinate.  It should be a package.  Retouch for the bride and her entourage are done also before the wedding ceremony.  


    Hi lovelies, here is my wedding day makeup tutorial if you’re looking for some tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo6OfpoI4oU

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