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    I am having a major dilemma with my dress – I don’t know what decision to make.
    I am absolutely in love with a gown – that is way, way, way out of my price range. So I have tried on many dresses in a few stores, but nothing has come close. I have also looked into what it might cost to have it made. Wedding is 30/11/13. So my options are:

    Continue in my search for a dress, meaning I would have to travel – about 70km to the next area, then if that didn’t help, 173km after that, then 189km to Melbourne.
    Go with a dressmaker who can make the dress for $3370 – she is located 122km from home, so all fittings etc is also a day trip
    Have found someone on etsy who makes gowns, seems to be getting more and more popular everytime I see what she has for sale, lots of girls getting prom dresses etc, has excellent feedback on quality etc
    Change my mind and try to find something that is completely different, so I stop comparing everything I try on to my dream dress.

    Would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation, I am just worried that I will waste time and money searching, or regret spending so much, or look back and regret not going with the dream dress. Every option has its positives and negatives and it is so hard to know what to do!!!!


    Hey JS, if you’ve found your perfect dress then I wouldn’t go searching for another one because you’ll look back at your wedding day photos and only remember that it wasn’t the dress you wanted. Looking at all those different options, I would say get it made. 122kms is a little far, but you don’t normally have very many fittings, so if you spread it out over a few months it should be too much travelling. Just aim to have the dress ready a couple months before the wedding and try not to change your weight too much before the wedding. You could always do a final fitting a week before if you really wish. Are you happy paying that much for her to make it? Or was your budget a little lower?
    As for Etsy, I don’t actually know much about it, but how much is she willing to make the gown for? And what will you do if it arrives and isn’t as you wanted but then have no way of getting it fixed?
    I’m sort of similar, I have seen a couple dresses I like online and have a fairly low budget ($1,000) and I’ve seen a woman who makes dresses similar to the one I want out in East Gippsland (4 hour drive one way). Or I can get it made through an online Gold Coast store for an extra $400, so I’m not sure which way I’ll go. Unfortunately though, with both stores the dresses are in lace, whereas I want my dress in chiffon, so I’m not sure exactly what it would look like and would prefer to see a couple drawings before I had it definitely made. I’m pretty much creating my dream dress by combining two different dresses together (taking the parts I like), and changing the fabric.
    So yes, there is always a risk, but I’ve been told, and I believe, you need to get your dream dress. otherwise you’ll spend your day and memories remembering it wasn’t the dream dress.


    Hi JsBride,
    Have you looked on sites like stillwhite.com.au, or smartbride.com.au, or the preloved gowns section of EasyWeddings.com.au? You might be able to pick up the dress you want for a lot cheaper than buying it new.  There’s a bunch of dresses on these sites that are new and unworn, but the bride has changed her mind about the dress, or the dress doesn’t suit the venue etc, so they are selling them cheaper to at least get some money back.
    Alternatively, if its a well-known designer, you could try http://www.bestbridalprices.com or http://www.bridalgown.net or unique-vintage.com – its crazy how much cheaper wedding gowns are in the US!



    ooooooh, what kind of dress is it? Like, is it a designer dress from a well known design house? I’m thinking of ordering my dress online from Say Yes Bridal which will save me $1500, maybe have a look at their site? They carry dresses from designers ranging from Maggie Sottero, to Pronovias, Lazaro, Enzoani and Eve of Milady plus many more and they’re authentic, not replicas or knock offs.



    It is a Vera Wang gown.
    I don’t think I have much of a choice, I got another quote to have it made by someone who is close to home and amazingly talented (does dresses for the Brownlow every year) and same kind of figure. I can’t justify paying $1000-$2000 for a dress at a bridal store that I don’t really love, so I figured I should just look online for a dress that would set me back a couple hundred dollars. But of course that just made me feel like crap.
    I never wanted to spend such a huge amount on a dress but between the way I feel and my partner & parents who just want me to have the dress of my dreams, I think that I will probably end up having it made. I am meeting with the dressmaker on Saturday to view some alternative fabrics that might lower the cost.



    Oh nice, Vera Wang, it must be beautiful!
    I actually made the mistake a couple of weeks ago of placing a deposit on a dress I now hate. I wasn’t 100% sure of it in the first place but I felt pressure from those who were with me to order from the store. See, I had already fallen in love with a beautiful Rosa Clara gown (I love it soo much!) but it is a pricey gown. I’d already looked into getting it from the US from an authorised reseller for about $1500 cheaper than here but MIL was not keen on the idea of me buyimg online. Anyway, so I placed an deposit on a White One gown even though I wasn’t sure about it and even hated parts of it. I freaked out when I got home and was so unhappy about it. My fiance told me that I shouldn’t have let everyone get the better of me. He really wants me to have the dress of my dreams. Luckily, I can get a refund on my deposit so I think I’m definitely going to be ordering my dress online soon.
    Anyway, moral is, get the dress you want, dont settle! But you know that 😉



    I’m very excited (and a little scared) that I have booked in the dressmaker and will have my dream dress made :)

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