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    So, as you can imagine I’m a bit erked about the fact that My Maid of Honour decided that she would have a weekend away with her boyfirend 2 weeks before my wedding. My wedding is about 11 months away so I underdstand that she isnt really focused on the wedding but it’s kinda thrown my plans out a bit. 
    I was hoping to have the hens night and rehersal dinner that weekend so its kinda thrown my plans out of wack. I havent vented at her because I know it was an absent minded mistake but I’m a little annoyed. And I just needed to vent a bit I guess.



    First off, it is the responsibility of the bridal party (especially the MOH) to arrange the hens night, including the date; secondly the wedding is 11 months off, and by the sounds of it your MOH is trying to be considerate and give you plenty of notice while still having a time and place that works for her and her significant other; while also leaving time for the wedding.
    It’s easy to get into bridal mode and think “She’s just not thinking about MY big day” but you need to remember that she has a life, commitments and responsibilities too; and that when it really comes down to it, your wedding (as wonderfulas it will be) is just another day and then life keeps moving on. Being part of your bridal party, especially MOH is an honour, but not an obligation; and your MOH is there as a favour to you, it is important to appreciate the commitment they are giving to you and to recognise that they need to do their own thing sometimes as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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