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    Hi girls,
    I was wondering if anyone has dealt with Luv Bridal in Melbourne before? I couldn’t find any reviews online, so I was hoping that one of you or your friends have used them and what your experience was like.



    Luv bridal Melbourne just opened yesterday, which is why there are no reviews. If it is anything like the other stores though, they are wonderful. I bought my dress from the Gold Coast one, so have a couple friends. Beautiful and large selection :)
    They are on facebook too, if you want to read the comments.



    Hi, I brought my dress through Luv Bridal Melbourne a few weeks ago. I think the consultant who helped me was named Kara. She was very helpful and I think I tried on about 8-10 dresses. The other staff members were quite pushy (typical sales staff I guess) and there was one lady there who just looked like she didn’t want to be there.
    After trying on a few dresses and founding one that I loved, they just automatically thought that I would buy it (without really asking me or me telling them)and started writing out the order. I then told them that I had other appointments to go to and would come back if I wanted it. There was one lady there who was so over the top she was kind of making a fool of herself telling me that there is no way I would find another dress for that price and it was heavily discounted and I am crazy to go anywhere else.
    Anyway,  I did go back to purchase the dress and the store was crazy (yes it was a Saturday)! The staff were running around like chooks with no heads, there were dresses everywhere and I have to say it was a little unprofessional. The girl that took my order at the front desk sounded like she didn’t have any idea about the actual terms of the lay by (i.e. how much a deposit I had to pay, payment amounts etc) and told me that I can put however much I wanted down as a deposit.
    I have my fingers and toes crossed that everything works out fine and these are just teething problems. My tip would be if you’re going in there on a Saturday, go in there as early as possible.
    Good Luck :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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