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    Hi friends,
    We are recently engaged and deciding on our venue for a wedding this time next year! Eek. It will most likely be in the Blue Mountains for sentimental reasons. We would like a venue with a view however I am worried there is little point as it will be dark at dinner? Then again, not sure whether lunch time weddings have the same ambience for guests, or if people will have a three-course meal over lunch, or whether people will have a dance? Sorry, I know this is a first-world problem, but keen for any advice on lunch time vs. evening weddings.
    Many thanks,


    Hi L&B,
    So the question is lunch or evening reception?
    I think both ideas have their pros and con:
    For our wedding we had a lunch wedding that started at 12noon sharp. It was in Spring, so it wasnt hot or humid. In fact the weather was lovely with a breeze and a sunny day. Initially we weren’t convinced on the lunch reception as we thought our guest would feel awkward to dance and it just wouldnt be the same as a night reception. We were wrong! On the wedding day, our guests were served a 3 course meal over lunch and everybody got up to dance! And they didnt stop just for 1 song. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves as if it were a night reception.
    On the other hand a high school friend of mine had her wedding in the same year but had a night reception. It was in Summer, so it ws really hot and humid outside and the reception venue was freezingly cold! My husband got so sick the next day for a week after her reception. The food was standard. Nothing to shout about. The venue was beautiful and everyone was dancing as they wouuld in a night reception but guests were also tired and lazy as it was a long day of celebrating.
    So in my opinion, do something different! Lunch receptions have the best natural lighting for photos and video and the atmosphere can be as vibrant as an evening reception. Also many people these days would prefer a big lunch to a big dinner, because its healthier. It all depends on what you prefer and how your MC works the crowd and gets them involved.


    congrats to you !!! blue mountains would be spectacular !!! we are doing an evening reception w/ a mid/late arvo ceremony… this worked out for the photos… ceremony, then capture the photos w/ the best light @ sunset, then party !!! if you have a lunch reception though there would be pros i hadn’t thought of… like if you want to kick on into the evening you can, or enjoy time alone w/ you and hubby in the evening w/out being too tired… and yes lots of natural light during the day too for photos !


    I really prefer lunch than dinner because I want to have moe time to rest after the wedding and the reception. However since you will have your reception in the blue mountains, a dinner reception is really a contnder because of the ambience it will create. So probably I’ll jus go with the dinner that is if are willing to sacrifie maybe a three or 4-hour rest. 

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