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    Hi All

    I just wanted some feedback on an idea I’ve had recently to incorporate those my partner and I have lost into our wedding. Originally I thought just a plain candle with a framed thing beside it saying pretty much in loving memory of those that can’t be with us today and their names. My problem is that my Mum is against this idea she thinks it will being to much sadness to the day. On the otherside of the family though my partner lost his uncle very suddenly a few years ago and his grandmother hasn’t taken it very well and I know it would mean a lot to have him incorporated in the ceremony.

    So now to my most recent idea,
    I’ve seen vases with a loving memory inscription, I thought instead of getting the names of our loved ones engraved on it maybe just put their favourite flower in it, that way it has meaning to for everyone who knew the person in the room.

    The other thing I am tossing up between is whether or not to include the favourite flower of one of my bridesmaids who passed way earlier this year or to put her actual bouquet into the vase surrounded by the other flowers?

    Any opinions or advice most welcome… What did you do?
    Also please don’t be afraid to tell me a new idea or to stick to an old idea!!

    Happy Planing!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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