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    My FH and I have now been engaged for nearly 4 years. We have set the date, then postponed, Set the date, then postponed, and so on. We have FINALLY decided that our 5 year anniversary is IT. we are getting married on this day, no more hiccups. The problem I’m encountering is what sort of theme to set for our wedding. FH doesn’t want any thing OTT, however, he’s encouraging me to have a very fussy dress. I refuse to have a ‘rustic, cowboy beach or vintage’ wedding as they are overdone, and don’t suit us. We are people who don’t much care for fussy formalities. I would really like to stick to as much white as possible, so thought of a ‘winter wonderland’  but again decided it was too overused. My current favourite idea is ‘down the rabbit hole’ (as in ALice in wonderland) But FH hates it. REALLY stuck as to where to go from here, we are only having a small wedding, anywhere from 40-80 guests and in my family its ‘Go hard or go home’ so my wedding has to be something spectacular!!! Please help with Ideas!!!!!!!!



    Hi Nicole, what mutual interests do you and your fiancé have? Do you both enjoy certain movies/tv shows or certain genres? A wedding should be a reflection of the two of you and if a theme wedding isn’t you then don’t do it. If your wedding is a reflection of the two of you it will be spectacular even without a particular theme. Your theme will need to be reflected in your dress, so if the theme isn’t fussy then a fussy wedding dress would be out of place.
    i recommend that you look into colours, styles or inspirations (such as from movies etc) that you both like and use them to certain the theme or style for your wedding.
    i can’t really recommend a theme for you because it really needs to match your personalities and likes :-)



    Hi Nicole.
    I personally think the best theme you can have is “Us”.
    Pick all sort of things that represent you and your fiance.  The best weddings aren’t the ones where every minute detail perfectly matches the best weddings are the ones that best represent you and your partner, the ones where you are relaxed and everyone is having fun.
    E.G my wedding: Indian food, boardgames, dance lessons for everyone and patting native animals. 
    You look at this and go “You are crazy! There is no lcear theme and how does this all work!”
    I go “Well everyone loves Indian food, the boardgames are there to keep people entertained / break the ice, dance lessons because its a small wedding and everyone feels awkward about dancing anyway and animals just because!!”
    Everyone who knows the tow of us goes “Yep, that is so Kittikats and FH.”
    Besides a theme can be anything from colours, loccation and style:
    Green Wedding
    Beach Wedding
    Casual Weding
    Casual Green Beach Wedding.
    So maybe “White Fantasy Land”? “Mr & Mrs “White”?
    Figure out what you like and build a theme around that.



    I think the first thing to do is to is write a list of the things you enjoy as a couple, whether is is wine, coffee, cake, a TV series, animals, being sporty and active, enjoying a relaxing night on the couch… Anything you can think of! There are so many pre-defined “Themes” but you’ve been together long enough to know who you are as a couple and can make your own theme.
    For example, if you were both really into the gym, you could include a yoga class, dance class or activities that get people moving. Your welcome bag could have things like water-bottles, monogrammed wrist-warmers and healthy snacks. The dress would probably be a bit more sleek and modern, and you could walk down the aisle to an execise-themed song (not sure about “Let’s get physical” though haha).
    If you loved picnics you could set out loads of rugs and pillows and have an informal picnic-style reception where every 2 people share a basket with a bottle of wine. You could even have canapes handed around.
    Take your theme and run with it, it doesn’t have to be conventional.
    You don’t need to have loads of colours either, ivory/white weddings are a classic; you can choose and accent colour if you like (but it’s up to you). Just decorate in your theme, with your colours and enjoy the day your way.


    Is there anything that you and your FH have something in common? Do yu love a particular movie or a movie that has made some significant moment in your relationship? If there is then you can base your wedding theme on that movie. 


    Hi Nicole,
    I understand you want to have something distinctive yet not OTT. But why not just go ‘classic’. My wedding has no ‘theme’ as such but we are having a colour theme of white, black, grey and silver and featuring white roses and silver love hearts in the design and decor. It is easiest as far as I’m concerned to have a classic style that will never seem daggy and dated when you look back and that has a touch of class with no gimmicky quality about it.

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