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    I am really close with my brother, and am trying to figure out a way to involve him somehow in the wedding. My fiancé has too many groomsmen already and I don’t really want a bridesman. Is there something you did to make someone special feel involved? 
    Any advice would be amazing!!



    If he doesn’t mind public speaking, you could ask him to MC for your reception? I think it is always lovely to have a close family member or friend as MC because they can add a really personal touch to announcements, cake cutting, toasts etc.
    Otherwise, he could read something at the ceremony, a bible passage if you are having a religious ceremony or a nice poem or passage if it is a civil ceremony.


    He could greet all the guests as they arrive at the ceremony and hand out the ceremony programs. You could also have him in charge of whatever music you will be playing during the ceremony.



    Hi PrettyInWhite
    I feel the same about my brothers. On the day they will be greeting and seating the guests, then they will meet us before we go down the aisle. They will then escort my mother and sister down the aisle. So my bridal procession will be:

    SIL and nephew
    sister and brother
    mum and brother
    me and dad
    flower girls holding the train

    My brothers and mum will then be seated, my dad will handball me and be seated as well


    White silk

    I’ve made my sister my maid of honour, but my brother will sign as my witness… of couse I checked with my sis first :)



    I think the MC idea is great if he is confident enough. Its such a special part and would make it more personal.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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